About the museum

Gotland Pram Museum is the result of a lifelong interest and many years of collecting prams and other childhood  items. 

The collection consists mainly of prams from the latter part of the 19th century up until today, but also includes a large number of baby prams and other children's items such as baby bottles, clothes and dolls. In total, the museum currently owns about 300 prams from about 25 different manufacturers in the world. Here you will find everything from the simple home-built to the most exclusive, the Rolls Royce of prams - Silver Cross.

The museum opened for the first time in 2013 and is open for a couple of months during the summer each year. The exhibits content varies slightly from year to year, as the premises at this time is only large enough to allow about half of the collection to be on display at  the same time. We are constantly working on expanding the exhibition space and in 2016 stage two was completed and we now have about twice the area as when we opened the first time.

Gotland Pram Museum is a privately held museum and is run without grants. The entrance fee we charge partially cover some of the costs the museum has.