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The museum will be closed this summer. It will, however, be possible to book a visit in advance. Please give us a call on 0738366514 to book a day and time. For further information, follow the link below.

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Welcome to 150 years of pram history


With us, you can see and feel prams of all kinds and from all ages. In any case from the late 19th century up to today. For those who come here, the visit often becomes a nostalgia trip back to childhood or to the time when had had children. Often we hear visitors say "I had one like this when i was a child" or "Oh, one that I had for my first child!".

Right now we are closed for the season but here is still activity here. We move things around and try new settings. We prams wagons because the prams that could not be exhibited this year may be shown next year. We are also working on expanding the premesis to make the exhibition even bigger.

Where to find us

Gotland Pram Museum is located about 8 km south of Visby.

Drive southward towards Klintehamn on road 140 and turn off at the signskylt towards Martille.

Follow the road, about 800 m, down to the farm where the museum is located. Pram at the entrance shows the way.

You can also go here by bus. Take bus 10 from Visby and get off at station Martille.


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